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Friday, June 9, 2017

Tigertail Beach - Marco Island - Naples, Florida

Tigertail Beach was a place that I had been wanting to visit for several years. It was just too far out of the way from the route we were taking on each of our road trips to Florida. Well, this time I was determined to visit.

 My husband and I were staying on Sanibel Island for several days and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity, since it would be a easy day trip from there.

I can not explain how happy I am that we went. This is now at the top of my list of favorite beaches in Florida! The water color is amazing!!! The look of the water is unlike any other beach in Florida. Standing on the beach made me feel like I was on a Caribbean island somewhere... minus the palm trees. 🌴

Wading across a shallow lagoon is the quickest way to get to the beach. The crossing area is marked with a little sign. It does get above waist deep in areas.

Once you reach the other side of the lagoon, there is a short hike down a trail to reach the beach.

I was so glad to finally be reaching the beach! I'm sure the hike seems longer if you are carrying an armload of beach stuff and it's 95 degrees...

I was shocked at the amount of shells to choose from! They say that the north tip of the beach is the best shelling, but it was a little too hot to me for us to make it that far. I tried though! 😕

I love that the water is shallow for a good distance from the shore.

Up until my visit to Marco Island, The Keys were my favorite place to just sit and look at the beautiful water. Now, Naples is in that top spot with the Keys. I think my next Florida trip might just be a week or two on Marco Island.


430 Hernando Dr
 Marco Island, FL 34145

Happy Travels! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Behind The Scenes: HER Magazine Photoshoot

I was excited to get a chance to watch a photo shoot for HER Magazine last week . To even make it more exciting, my daughter-in-law was the model!

HER is a  magazine designed primarily for women with articles about local events, fashion, stories to inspire, and other informative features. It can be found in paper copy at local business or online here.

The photos taken at Historic Washington State Park will be in an upcoming article about the Jonquil Festival. The dress she is wearing is similar to what an upper-middle class woman, of the 19th century, would have worn.

The shooting locations were the Sanders Farmstead barn and 1883 Goodlett Cotton Gin, two of my favorite places in the park. If you are interested in seeing these and other buildings at the park, you can schedule a tour here.

The 49th Annual Jonquil Festival will be held March 17 - 19, 2017. Unique crafts, entertainment, and mouthwatering food (including funnel cakes) are just some of the things that can be found throughout the park during the event. The hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and  9 a.m.- 4 p.m. on Sunday. 

Ashley's beautiful hair and makeup was courtesy of Paige Martin, a makeup artist and owner of The Lace Anchor online boutique. She is also my daughter. 😊

Be sure and look for Ashley on the cover of the March issue!

Happy Reading! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pedernales Falls - Texas

The saying " Everything is bigger in Texas"comes to mind when looking at the falls!

Located within the Pedernales Falls State Park, Pedernales Falls is part of the Pedernales River in Blanco County.

The Falls drop about 50 feet in elevation over huge slabs of limestone and Rocks for about 3,000 feet.

The trail to the overlook is an easy walk from the parking area, but the trail from the overlook to the bottom of the falls is pretty steep in places.

Once at the bottom, you can walk out onto the boulders across the falls.


Open Daily

*Park closures are possible on weekends and holidays when parking lots are full. Check here for updates or call the park. (830) 868-7304

Entrance Fees:

13 years and older : $6 Daily

Child 12 Years and Under: Free


2585 Park Road 6026
Johnson City, TX 78636

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jacob's Well - Wimberley, Texas

I knew from the first photo that I saw of Jacobs well, that I had to go see it for myself. I was intrigued by people jumping from atop a rock outcropping into the deep hole of water.

I am always choosing a destination based on photos alone. I usually don't do a lot of research on the place until get back home. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I wan't to explore the place and find things on my own without any preconceived thought about it. I really don't know why. 

Anyway, Jacob's Well was not what I was expecting at all! It was really interesting, but much smaller than I thought. The main area of the hole is about 30 feet deep, but is only about 12 foot in diameter at most. The hole is surrounded by solid rock covered in very shallow water. The hole has many chambers below the main area that descend to approximately 120 foot.

Jumping into the well is prohibited, but there are hundred of videos and photos online of people doing just that. The height of the outcropping from where they jump and the tiny opening surrounded by solid rock was enough to discourage me! 😲

The area is a great place for hiking, climbing, and swimming. It usually is crowded, but it was raining on and off the day we were there, so we pretty much had it to ourselves.


1699 Mt. Sharp Rd
Wimberley, TX 78676

Entrance Fees:

$9 for adults 
$5 for Hays County residents with a photo ID showing residency 
$5 for children ages 5-12
 Free for children 4 and under
Military service members and veterans, as well as seniors age 60 and better will pay $5

May 1st through Memorial Day:  those wishing to swim must reserve a 2-hour time block on the County’s website. Only 300 people per day total will be allowed swim time.

Check here for other rules and regulations.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Little Grand Canyon - Arkansas

Known by locals as "The Little Grand Canyon," these unique sand and rock formations are quite unusual for Southern Arkansas.

Located at the edge of White Oak Lake in Chidester, very few people, other than the locals, even know this exist. Someone told me about hiking there and I had to go check it out.

Well it's really there and it is even more beautiful in person! The water is an amazing blue green color and very clear and clean.

The formations appear to be made of a hard packed sand with some shale rocks mixed in. The sand is white and dark gray, but the shale is a rust color. Very unusual to see!

There are worn trails for hiking all around the area and I hear it is a favorite swimming place for the locals in the summer.

Drive to the end of the road and park in the area just inside the woods. It is a very short hike to the area. You can get down to the area easily if you keep walking until you see a trail that is not very steep. The first three trails down to the area are very steep!

Take the trail to the left where you parked and you will go down into the area where we found these footprints in the hard rock area. They are quite a bit larger than the normal male foot and the stride would be beyond that of the normal male! It might be a good place for Bigfoot (Sasquatch) hunting! 😲

Look for this motorcycle where your turn off of Highway 24 onto Ouachita Rd. Our GPS took us past it and wanted us to take a trail through the woods! 😐


 218 Ouachita Rd 332
 Chidester, AR 71726

GPS cordinates:

33.700436, -93.099361

Happy Travels! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Boca Grande - Gasparilla Island - Florida

If tropical secluded beaches where you can swim, snorkel, fish, and find tons of beautiful shells sounds good to you, then Boca Grande is the perfect place.

Boca Grande was recommended to us by an older couple that spend the winter in Florida every year. They told us that is was absolutely beautiful. Well, they were right! The area is amazingly beautiful and the beaches are loaded with shells. I have found tons of shells every time that I have been there.

 Boca Grande is a small residential area located on the southern end of Gasparilla Island. To get onto Gasparilla Island, you will cross the Boca Grande Causeway where you will stop at a toll both.  There is a toll fee of $6 to get onto the island.

The island is small and has no traffic lights. Bicycles and golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation on the island.

The drive to the beach is simply beautiful!  Most of the homes are surrounded by tropical foliage and flowers.

Just north of Sanibel and Cayo Costa, both know for the great shelling, Gasparilla Island beaches are usually loaded with shells. And the best part is that there are no crowds, so you can look all day and find good ones.

There is a public beach access with parking on the right 2 miles before you get the the lighthouse beach.

This is a great place for swimming. This beach usually does not have many shells.

The Boca Grande Rear Range Lighthouse is located on the beach at this access point.

Around the jetty is a good place for finding shells and fishing.  It is located behind the South Beach restaurant, but you will have to park at the public access just a short distance on the right before you reach the restaurant. 

The main road ends at Gasparilla Island State Park.

 This is the best beach to finding shells. It is also home to the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse and museum.

In addition to tons of large shells, we saw hundreds of starfish and sand dollars this particular day.

My mother is almost as crazy about shells as I am! 😊


880 Belcher Rd
Boca Grande, FL 33921

The park is open from 8:00 a.m. until sundown, 365 days a year.

Lighthouse Museum Hours:

November through May
Monday – Saturday 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Sundays 12:00 pm-4:00 pm

June through October
Wednesday – Saturday 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Sundays 12:00 pm-4:00 pm

Museum Closed all of August

Admission Fee:

$3.00 per vehicle using  the honor box method

Happy Travels!